Anzac Weekend 2016

Race Classes

Applies to races Middle, Middle chasing start, Multi day distance
Classes - Men
M10: Men 10 and under
M12A: Men 12 and under
M12B: Men 12 and under
M14A: Men 14 and under
M14B: Men 14 and under
M16A: Men 16 and under
M18A: Men 18 and under
M18B: Men 18 and under
M20A: Men 20 and under
M21A: Men Open
M21AS: Men Open
M21B: Men Open B
M21C: Men Open C
M21E: Men Open
M40A: Men 40 and over
M40AS: Men 40 and over
M40B: Men 40 and over
M50A: Men 50 and over
M60A: Men 60 and over
M70A: Men 70 and over
Classes - Women
W10: Women 10 and under
W12A: Women 12 and under
W12B: Women 12 and under
W14A: Women 14 and under
W14B: Women 14 and under
W16A: Women 16 and under
W18A: Women 18 and under
W18B: Women 18 and under
W20A: Women 20 and under
W21A: Women Open
W21AS: Women Open
W21B: Women Open B
W21C: Women Open C
W21E: Women Open
W40A: Women 40 and over
W40AS: Women 40 and over
W40B: Women 40 and over
W50A: Women 50 and over
W60A: Women 60 and over
W70A: Women 70 and over